Sustainable Tourism

Mother Nature has gifted Kerala with immense natural beauty. The forests in Kerala abound with a rich bounty of flora and fauna. It remains our responsibility to preserve and maintain the charms of nature, to preserve it for the next generations also to enjoy. Sustainable Tourism is practising tourism attempting to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people. It also aims for the conservation of forests and our natural heritage thus making it all the more important, in the present world.

Periyar Tiger Trail in a nut shell

The ministry of environment has under taken local community participation in forest management through India - Eco - Development in seven states. Periyar Tiger Trails is a project implemented by the Kerala Forest Department to promote sustainable eco-tourism. The project is being implemented in co-operation with the Ex - Vayana Bark collectors Eco Development committee which is formed by constant interaction with the poachers and the forest officials over a long period of time.

Members (Poachers becoming protectors)

The Periyar Tiger Trail project involves members, the former inhabitants of the forest, who made a living by illegal trading of forest goods. Their activity was detrimental to the conservation of the forest. Since the advent of the India Eco-development project these negative dependants on the forest were changed into positive conservation activities, where natives became partners in the protection and management of habitats.
The local people have in depth knowledge about the plants and animals, and their survival instincts can be best used for participatory ecotourism activities. The visitors to the selected trekking routes in the forest will have a unique experience as their guides know the area inside out. Their services are used for trekking, pitching tents; cooking ethnic food. In addition they succeed to be vigilant observers, assisting the visitors.  

Conservation effort will have double effect when the habitual offenders are themselves involved in the participatory tourism strategy. Rare and endangered species of flora and fauna are thus protected and conserved and the serious nature lovers get an
opportunity to experience the charms of the last of the rain forests in the Western Ghats.

About the Company

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