NEWS UPDATE: Periyar Tiger Reserve Management has increased park viistors entry fee from today..New fee- Indian Rs.33 and Foreigners Rs.450...


Tiger Trail is an adventurous trekking and camping programme, offered in two packages; one night and two night stays. The programme is unique in being conducted by Periyar Tiger Reserve Forest Department and a team of rehabilitated poachers and tree cutters of the park( Ex Vayana EDC), hardy and dependable individuals with an intimate knowledge of the forest terrain. A maximum number of six tourists are taken at a time accompanied by five guides and one armed forest guard. Here, one may chance to encounter much indigenous wildlife like Nilgiri langur, giant squirrel, elephant and who knows, even the tiger! Normally, 20 to 35kms of trekking distance will be covered, depending on the route chosen.

The trek route passes through hills and valleys with a variety of tropical plans and wide open spaces. En route, vegetarian meals will be prepared and served and country tents will be pitched for holing up in the night. Remember to listen to unusual and strange adventure stories of the former poachers, now your guides and protectors of the forests.

Tiger Trail has become immensely popular internationally and provides livelihood for 13 ex-poachers. It has also contributed substantially in keeping vigil in the most vulnerable parts of the Tiger Reserve.






Although all precautions are taken to reduce the risk factors during trekking, visitors should be alert. An encounter with wild animals and poachers is a possibility. As the terrain will be unfamiliar to the visitor, physical injuries can occur. Due to unfamiliar weather and water, visitors should be prepared for minor sickness.


These trekking programmes can be done throughout the year in a sustainable manner with minimum impact on the environment. Visitors who are medically fit and aged between 15 - 65 are advised to take the tiger trail.Visitors should be serious nature lovers willing to sacrifice some of the luxuries and comfort of a Hotel and ready to accept the different moods of mother nature misty mountains, bright sunshine, gurgling streams, thundering showers.....

However if anyone wishes to make their own insurance coverage they may do so. Visitors should also have a keen interest in the local community development. Unlike normal tourist who simply visit and enjoy the over all beauty and charm of the area. The participants of Tiger trail should be visitors practicing responsible tourism.


Why comprise for a 5 star hotel dinner while we offer you a million star dinner ?

The ethnic food consists of mostly vegetarian items available locally. It is prepared by trained members of the team. The food is prepared in front of you hygienically and just for you only. It may not have the variety of a 5 star Hotel but after the trek through the forest path your mind filled with impressions of wonderful indigenous plants and flowers, birds and butterflies, your muscles spent up by walking up and down, your stomach will welcome the fresh ethnic food. Cherish the gentle scented breeze of forest air, followed by the murmur of leaves, under a million stars. The dinner over the subdued lighting from.


The achievement of the team is so remarkable that there is no occurrence of poaching cases in Periyar for the last 2 years.

Under the continuous efforts and monitoring of the officers of Periyar Tiger Reserve, the hard core eco - offenders who were a constant  threat to the Periyar tiger reserve for the last two decades were brought to the main stream of the society.

The social ostracism to the former poachers was slowly removed and they are now role models in the local community. This role reversal' is preventing other habitual offenders form destroying the forest and to associate with conservation efforts. The family  members of the former poachers now have a dignity in the local community. Thus the purpose of the India - eco development project in its  full ambiance is blossoming in Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Another very important factor that the team members continue with their whole hearted efforts in the protection and management of  Periyar Tiger Reserve, even after one of their members sacrificed his life in an encounter with a wild elephant. This is something quite unusual especially when it is coming from the 'so called uncivilized eco - offenders' who had only a short exposure to the cultured civilization.

The Tiger Trail Programme should thus continue

The goodness in these people should be supported at all costs.
We feel it is very important that your participation in the Tiger Trail Programme, will decide the future of these people.
And the future of these beautiful stretches of the last remaining rain forests.